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Keratin Hair Treatments


Lasts up to 6 months

No more Flyways, just smooth hair for days

Introducing a hair service that gives you the defence you need against harsh hair conditions during winter and summer, protects from dryness and frizz.  Kerasilk Keratin creates a protective barrier ensuring hair stays smoother for longer in any weather.  


Delivers long lasting beauty, with minimal daily effort.  Keratin Hair Treatment keeps hair in excellent condition for up to 5 months, allowing you to enjoy effortless style.  Replenish your hairs natural style and strength with ease.  

Deluxe Goldwell Keratin Smooth Hair Treatment Package Includes

  • 3-5 hour Keratin Hair Treatment service

  • Luxury after service hair mask treatment

  • Luxury 75ml Kerasilk  shampoo and conditioner 

Above the shoulder length hair or fine textured hair From $450 

Below the shoulder length hair or thick hair From $550

Lasts up to 5 months in the hair 

Permanent Hair Straightening using non keratin hair smoothing system

Grows out - creates a maintainable regrowth From $350 - longer hair slightly extra 

Keratin Hair Treatment
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